"I feel very fortunate to have engaged RBS Solutions as our partner in preparation and on-going continued support for compliance in our Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation. Our Consultant has done an outstanding job in helping us understand the particular standards for both URAC and ACHC. She has provided us assistance in modifying our policies and procedures to meet the specific requirements, including the reference standards. Our consultant provides weekly update calls to assist with our readiness and was most helpful with desktop submissions and helping us clarify any RFI’s. The on-site visits were excellent in helping us complete any final preparations for survey. Through this journey, the bottom line is that we have become a much better pharmacy in serving our patients. We now have a very robust Quality Management Program that our consultant was instrumental in helping us design. I can’t thank the team at RBS enough for all of their on-going support."

-Paul Limberis, RPH – Pharmacy Manager – University of Colorado Hemophilia Center Pharmacy

"RBS Solutions was a vital partner in our journey to URAC Mail Order Pharmacy Accreditation. From interpretation of reference standards to policy modification and implementation, our consultant was available every step of the way, leveraging her expertise to make the process as smooth and efficient as possible. Weekly calls with our consultant were a cornerstone of our schedule and ensured we were on target with our accreditation goals from start to finish. The mock on-site visit and inspection was particularly helpful with tightening up all of the little details for our practice prior to the official survey. From application to full accreditation, we have grown leaps and bounds as a practice and RBS has been extremely influential in that improvement. We cannot thank RBS enough and would implore anyone considering navigating the accreditation process to give RBS a call as it will be among the most valuable things you will do."

-Emily Hogan, PharmD - Operations Quality Control Manager - SmartScripts Regimen Management"

"I’m sure you already know you have a wonderful employee on your hands!  I wanted to take the time to reach out and tell you that we thoroughly enjoyed working with our consultant. She is so knowledgeable, but shares her information in a way that ALL can understand – and her organization and professionalism make accreditation a smooth and even enjoyable process. Thanks to RBS for helping us with the URAC accreditation process – we would be happy to be a referral for your company anytime."

-Amy Thrailkill - Manager of Compliance- InTouch Pharmacy

“Our relationship with RBS has been invaluable and beneficial in helping us make sure that our policies are written to standard, that our entire staff is trained, and confident to be able to answer any questions during a site visit, and that we stay in a continuous state of readiness for any of the accreditations that we hold. Our consultants have become intimately involved and an integral part of our team assisting with decision making and process development as we grow and evolve. The responsiveness to any question or situation is almost immediate, and they usually have an experience or a relationship within their network that can be of assistance. RBS helps us maintain performance and quality standards of care that are best practice, and that ultimately translates to improved outcomes for our patients.”

-Debbie Duckworth, PharmD, CSP - Sr. Director

Specialty Pharmacy and Infusion Services - University of Kentucky

"RBS provided us expert guidance throughout our first time accreditation process.  We successfully achieved accreditation with 100% compliance in meeting criteria.  Our consultant was with us every step of the way, consistently providing resources, answering questions, ensuring our processes and documentation were compliant, handling our submission, and preparing us for the onsite visit.  We are grateful, and highly recommend!"

-Michigan Medicine Specialty Pharmacy Services  - University of Michigan